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choke tubes


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I am heading to basspro tomorrow to buy some choke tubes for my benelli. I am not wanting to spend alot of money but are there any good combo packs that would fit my m2. I need chokes for duck, clays, doves, and turkeys. I would also like some input from you guys on what chokes you use for these different games. I have never used choke tubes before but would like to improving my shooting.

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this would probably be the best patterning Turkey choke they sell


this link is for the Duck tubes https://shop.primos.com/pc-699-77-dead-zone-waterfowl-choke-tube-12-ga-benelliberetta-2-pak-decoypass.aspx !

these can be ordered thru Primos and will do all you need for close range and far range incoming ducks, doubt BP Shop has them but possible!

Remember to allways use choke tube lube when installing them and when gun is not in use allways loosen tube and leave it loose so it does not freeze to the barrel! Just remember to tighten before use!! Also choke tubes need to be protected from getting bent, get a good hard case to keep this from happening cause this can happen really quick which will ruin the tube!:)

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Didn't your M2 come with five tubes?? Mine did. C,IC,M,IM,F what else do you need?

Benelli tubes full and imp mod are not fore use with steel or hybrid shot as in hevi- shot, winchester extended range shells!


these guys will dip anything ya send them almost, if ya can't get it done locally http://www.300below.com/cryo-processing/firearms-cryo-barrel.html

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I say carlson chokes all the way. go to choketube.com. That is the carlsons web site. the extended chokes are 34.95 each or if you buy 2 or more they are 29.95 each. also if you buy 3 or more ($75 or more) then you get free shipping. Last you also get a free choke tube holder and a free wrench. Carlson chokes are a life time product and you can shoot lead, steel,hevi shot through all of the chokes.

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