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New R! Scope and Ammo


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I was upsold on this gun from a BAR and it has really been a learning experience.

First weekend of season had it bore sighted at shop with a new conquest scope 50 mm, shop installed a Leopold high scope mount. Took it to range and it fired 12 " low at 25 yds. Scope could not be adjusted up enough so back to the shop and no hunting.

Next, top tech installs the rail tooth mount and leopold rings. Socpe now can be zero'd.

Go up today and sight in, start at 100 yds 3 " off. Crank in and could not get a group less than 3 " with Winchester 150 ballistics.

Let barrell cool and one in the hole with two others 4" wild.

Durring sighting I stuck with the WSM 150 gr. I did get a box of 180 federals from the dealer to re sight and they were 4" off to the side.

So far it looks like $2,500 was not well spent.

I am meeting with a gunsmith on Monday who has told me he has had numerous problems with this rife..... So far the only load that seems to shoot is the 150 Fusion Feds.

I do not shoot targets much but hunt a lot. I have an abolt 300wsm that shoots great and my 15 year old 1000 shot BAR, I was disapointed with but so far am not happy with what I have here. Maybe after the smithing.......

10 hours of my time ammo and price of gun....I could have bought a 10.000 rifle by now

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I bet that the first time when it shot 12" low at twenty five yards, the mount supplied was on backwards. There is a front and back. It happened to me. I paid the dealer to mount the scope and they put the mount on backwards. I went to the range and had the same problem. I remounted it myself and it worked fine. From now on, I'm always doing my own mounting.



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Ok back from the gun smith and the mount the dealer installed allowed the scope to move. We put on a double screw heavy steel mount and the rifle was grouping in an inch pattern with the Winchester 150 silver tip and 1.25" with Fusion 150's. This was with a proffessional rifle gun mount. So far I have successfully shot a deer at 275 but missed at 350 yds the trigger pull is 5# and I feel that this maybe an issue for the longer shots. Any comments?

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In most cases a mount becomes "professional" when you pay someone to do it for you.

I cringe every time I go in a nearby gunshop and see some of the stuff those clowns do.


Learn to do it yourself and learn to do it right.

Then there's no doubt and no one else to blame for the problems.


The dealer should've known that the STD Leupold BAR mount would bottom out on the R1.

We've known about it for over two years.

The factory rail is tapered and it's the only one I've found that will allow you to zero the elevation without running out of room.


A "gunsmith" leaving a mount imporperly tightened is inexcusable. You need a refund.


Did he level the scope in the mounts to negate cant at longer ranges?

Did he set the eye relief for you or for him?

Did he lap the rings or use the Burris rings with inserts?

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As long as you have clearance from the scope to the barrel you should be Ok. I just put a new scope on my Ruger M77, I went with the 40mm because I wasnt interested in a new set of rings to mount the bigger scope. Mount the rings and lay the scope in the cradle and see if you touch.

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