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Waterfowl Shotgun


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After a few years of hard and wet turkey and duck hunting my remington 870 with a wood stock is having a few problems, the wood has swelled and the pump will barely work, I know I can fix this but I also want to get an autoloader. I know this is a benelli forum and I am sure they hold up well but I just can't spend that much on a gun. Any suggestions on a 3 1/2 inch autoloader for under $800 that will stand up to extreme conditions. I'm thinking about a remington 11-87 or maybe a super x2. Would these stand up to the wetness of waterfowl and turkey hunting or is there another gun that would better serve my purpose?

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SuperX 2 is a great gun, the MP-153/SPR-453 can be had for about $400 at walmart, they are a very durable gun. I saw the SX2 for $650 NIB on gunbroker.com the other day.


I picked up a NIB SX2 i3 1/2" in camo for $750 incl tax, I didnt need it but the price was right so going to compare it the Beretta and see which one stays. Just put it together and ran my first box through it last night, let me tell you this is a decent gun for the money. If you check out the new SX3 these are almost the same but lighter and better balanced.

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