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Benelli Factory M4 Extension Tube +2


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Originally posted by Duggan:

Like I said in the other thread, you need to make a huge "THIS IS NOT A GUN" message at the top of your auction, and make it perfectly clear that it is for the "M4 SHOTGUN, NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE!"



According to what eBay told us, the M4 shotgun is considered to be an "assault shotgun" and parts for such are not allowed on its site. It is okay to advertise the tube as for the model M1014 shotgun.



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Screw Ebay and put it on gunbroker.com.

if the item is legal for sale or purchase in all 50 states, then it shouldn't be up to ebay to make the decision on whether or not it's OK to list.


It REALLY pizzes me off that they're so quick to pull something like that, but they continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the numerous counterfeit Leupold optics offered there every day, even though Leupold has lobbied against them.


Ebay even killed my favorite current auction late yesterday or early today.


A hunter in TX was auctioning off his right to hunt for a period of one year.

He was challenging PETA and other antis to put up or shut up, saying this was their chance to buy the lives of numerous deer, doves, ducks, etc.

The auction looked legal enough, considering people can sell likenesses of Jesus' mom burned in toast or ghosts in jars, but the comments were slamming PETA pretty good, and I'm sure the pictures of last years' kills didn't help :D


here's the cached version


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