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m2 not cycling 3 inch magnums


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hello all,i have a m2 that is one year old .we are currently in waterfowl season and my gun has been hanging up on three inch mags.it fires fisrt shell and then the the bolt is open with the live shell on carrier,tap the carrier and it goes in chamber.it has happen afew times now.the strange thing is that it cycles light loads fine.i have clean all parts and recoil tube and oil with clp breakfree.this is my second benelli.this hanging up on 3 inch mags has me stumped,when light loads work fine.i am open to any ideas about this problem. i shot a whole box of 3" shells and the bolt stayed opened twice. i tapped the carrier and it cycled in chamber. i went hunting 12/31 and it happened again. please can anyone help? thanks

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Chop, I had the same problem with my M2 using 3" turkey loads and buckshot, I also purchased new in 06, after using a M1 for so many years with no problems I was really upset about the M2 not cycling, I called customer service and sent the gun back to Benelli, they corrected the problem with a quick turnaround time, a little over 2 weeks, so I would recommend you call customer service and return your M2.

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I Sent My M2 Back To Be Fixed.it Took About 5 Weeks To Get Back,working Great So Far With 3inch Shells,i Have Only Shot One Box.they Put In New Trigger Group And Shell Latch.i Hope It Keeps Up With Turkey Season On The Way.thanks Joeb For Advice.

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