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Scope Mount for a supernova help.


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How are you all? I'm new to this board.


Well I just picked up a new supernova and trying to get accessories for it. I was looking into the B-Mount but doesn't look like they make one for this model. I don't really want to tap the receiver and mount a base because I still want to use it to shoot small game bird/trap/skeet.


Does anyone know of a manufacture that makes a similar mount system as the B-Mount?


I went to Cabelas and they show one for the "Nova" but...the recievers look different.


Any help or alternative suggestions?

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Welcome to the board and I hope that you've had a good Christmas/Holidays.


I am not aware of anything yet from B square specifically for the SN.


If you do not want to drill and tap the receiver of your SN, the only alternative that I can come up with is to obtain a Benelli barrel fitted with a cantilever mount, which extends back over the receiver. Any sighting system / scope that you then mount will stay attached on the cantiliver and not the receiver.


The down side is that you may find it very difficult to obtain a cantilever barrel either from Benelli or secondhand. Also, it is likely to be expensive.


Sorry that I cannot offer a cheaper solution!



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I contacted the manufacturer of the B-Square and the technical department told me that the saddle mount for the Nova will work on my SuperNova. I ordered it and when I get it, I'll let you all know if it's any good. The only thing I am worried about is that the receiver on the Super is about an 1/8 in wider then the Nova.


If it doesn't fit, I guess I can just exchange it for the "rib mount".

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