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Rem HD


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I won a hunting trip to North Dakota later this fall, it was a duck and goose hunt - all sponsored by a rather wealthy buisnessman. Food, lodging, shells and transportation included. I was great.


We had a pallet of Wingmaster HD shells to use for our daily hunting. I shot boxes of #4 through mod and IC chokes at ducks, obviously IC for close stuff and mod for farther out shots depending on the day. I liken the HD to lead for killing effectivness and range, but never tried a full choke.


I wouldnt personally go and buy the stuff, too expensive for me to see that much benefit. You miss and hit birds just the same. It might save you from loosing a few cripples, but thats what my dog is for.

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the Remington HD that i have is very soft the pellets smush flat like lead with little effert. if you are willing take a shell appart and see if you can smash a pellet. just my 2 cents


I don't know what Wingmaster HD you shot, but the stuff I shot this year (400 rounds so far 2's, 4's, 6's) is not soft at all. Yes, it will flatten just a bit with pliers, but it's not even close to being as soft as lead.


Anyone that thinks the stuff does not work just has not shot enough of it yet. The stuff is $$$$, but it simply puts steel shot to shame.


As far as cost, good lord, how does a few bucks for shells compare to the cost of all the other toys we 'need' to hunt ducks :confused: :)

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The Rem catalog says 'HD' is almost as soft as STEEL & that it is softer than 'Hevi-Shot' pellets. When I cut apart a HS shell it had a good wad around the shot that should protect the bore from the shot. The problem I have with Hevi-shot is that the pellets are not uniform. Many were not round & there were some less than stated size particles in there, Hevi-shot Dead Coyote loads. I have had good results with HS though. Yes I shoot size 'T' hevi-shot & Rem HD through tight chokes. I use a .680 on a Gold semi-auto & a .670 on my M2, both chokes are Trulock precision hunters. I mostly use HS & now the new HD on predators & turkeys(#6 for turkeys). Right now through 31 Jan or maybe 15 Feb Remington has a $15 rebate per 10 box of HD shells, limit $150 per household. Details at the Remington site. That brings 10 HD shells down to just under $20 per 10. That's doable for a low round turkey & predator shooter.

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