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Zeroing a scope?


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After many sessions at the patterning board on different weather conditions, I found a good load and choke combination. I think I am ready to mount a scope on my SuperNova.


On the last few sessions I used a vise to make sure my POI was almost in the same position.


I noticed that after shooting two cartridges, the string (Concentrated group) was just left of center about 3". Should I place the Zero of the scope on that group? This was done at 35yds.


If I kept the Scope at Dead center of the POI, I would have a few pellets that would do the trick.


What other considerations should I look at?

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What type of scope you are putting on makes a big difference.Is it a shotgun scope with the appropriate reticle,or a crossover from a rifle? How much eye relief will you have once it's mounted,and how that stacks up when you are in a sitting position.Look at these factors and then the actual POI decision comes into play.Try to work around how the scope and you interact in field positions,as things are always best at the bench,but go wrong when your back's against a tree. Good luck

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Put the scope crosshairs or red dot on point of aim.


And move the crosshair or the red dot TO THE CENTER OF PATTERN WHILE YOU LOOK THROUGH SCOPE may need to let someone turn dial while you hold gun and tell them when to stop turning.


(I think this is what you are asking) good shooting.

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assuming your scope is mounted and "bore sighted" properly......you first fired the gun from a rest and taking aim at dead center of the bullseye on your 25 yard target....if the majority of the pattern appears to be 3" to the left move your scope left per the scopes MOA adjustment. Many shotgun scopes are 1/4" clicks while others are 1/8" at 100 yards so to move 1" it required eith 4 or 8 clicks respectively. Obviously at 25 yards a 3" ajdustment will require a lot more clicks....48 to be exact with a 1/4"MOA scope!


The same can be accomplished as gregor187 describes but I'd use a vise rather than have someone hold the gun on the POI....both methods work well.

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