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recommendations for optics?


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Well I just bought a new Supernova with the steadygrip today,makes my fourth Benelli,all of which I am proud to own,lol.I am gonna retire my SBE from turkey hunting if all goes well with the Nova.So anyway I was wondering what kind of optics you guys use and any recommendations you have.I looked at a few shotgun scopes last year,seems like I sorta like one of the Bushnells and also liked the Nikon I think.Might be ok to use a holosight,if they can stand the recoil.What do you guys use and what experiences have you had with any of them?

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The Bushnell,shotgun scope is tough to beat.It's cheap,rugged,and has low enough power and eye relief,to actually be useful on a shotgun.I own one in Realtree HD,and use it on my slug gun now.I personally don't like any optics on my turkey guns,as I don't like the added weight,and the loss of depth perception that comes with close quarters moving objects.It's fiber optic sights to the last man, for me. Also check out Truglo's line of products.There's something for everyone there.

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I am not a big fan of optics for ANY shotgun and have used fiber optic sites for many moons on ALL of my shotguns for both turkey and deer. My reason for this is based on several considerations, my shots are seldom over 20 yards and without optics I don't have to worry about lens' fogging up or getting wet....I had lasik surgery a few years ago to get rid of my eye glasses for the same reason (fog & wet lens')!!!


Having said that I recently picked up a used Encore Shotgun barrel with a Nikon Turkey Pro scope on it and may give it a go this spring. This scope has an interesting reticle design that they claim helps one determine the distance to the target (turkey's head) and if you are into taking 40 yard shots this would be the perfect scope. Having shot ground hogs for years here in Ohio with a 22-250 at ridiculous distances before laser range finders judging distance to a 500+ yard whistle pig was always a bit challenging unless one learned to use his reticles to determine distance. The Nikon Turkey Pro does this by giving the shooter a 40 yard sized window for turkey sized targets.


I have shot a few shotguns with red dot's but the idea of having a battery operated unit on my gun does not appear to me.....fiber optics NEVER fail and NEVER fog!!!

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