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Which Shotgun ? ? ?


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This should be an easy decision, but I'm having a lot of trouble. I have carried around a Remington 870, Model 12, and 48 for the past 15 years. The old 1950's model 48 is nice, but will only shoot 2-3/4" shells while the M12 is like a boat anchor and I just don't like pump actions anymore.


I did a lot of research and desided on the Benelli SBE II, but choked on the price tag of $1200-$1300. I had had to re-evaluate things a bit and am looking for a shotgun I can use for general small game hunting and deer that NEW would be in the $600-$800 range and weigh around 7.5lbs or less.


I have researched to some extent the Franchi I-12, Stoeger 2000, Benelli M1 & M2, Beretta 390, 391 Urika and the 3901 American and the Browning Gold. I have handled all but the Stoeger. All of them handled very well, but I liked the Benelli and Beretta the best followed by the Franchi. Any HONEST opinions based on FACT?




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Well I see someone has not had their Prozac today. What I meant was that gun owners TEND to have favorites just because that is what they have always used. Kind of like trucks...do you own a Chevy, Ford, Dodge? Why is one better than the other. Using the answer because my Daddy told me Ford sucks is not a factual answer.

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If I had to pick a semi in the $600-$800 price range, it would have to be a Browning Gold 3". With the rebate coupon or on sale it should be under $800. I own 2 BGH's and both perform well, but need to be run wet with light gun oil. Both pattern steel very well.


The I-12 is getting hammered. I put 2 together the other day and was not impressed with the fit & finish. But just like the early M2000's, they may just have a few bugs to be worked out or maybe the light loads just don't work.


Even though I'm buying an Xtrema II this year and have shot many, many, Berettas, I still prefer the simplicity of the Benelli inertia system.


I've shot the M1 & M2, both are just about perfect in my book.


I'd save my money and buy the SBE II though - I've shot the SBE or SBE II since 1990 with no complaints yet.......


mudhen - CA

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This April I went through the exact same situation. I had saved some money, and was looking to buy a good shotgun, but I was looking in the $500 range. After much research, I finally settled on the Benelli M2 Field. The extra money was worth it, without question. I was able to put the $500 down, and Wells Fargo financed the rest interest free for twelve months. I cannot be more pleased. The SBEII looked like a great idea as well, but I live in Alabama- ducks, dove, turkey, clays, and deer are about all I draw a bead on. Unless you are planning on taking down some geese, a 3" chamber (already considered a Magnum) with a 26" barrel should perform great! Have fun! Buying a gun is almost a fun as shooting it. -Roger

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