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new turkey gun


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well my beautiful wonderful fiancee purchased me benelli supernova for x-mas and i couldnt wait any longer to see what my new benelli supernova would do so i screwed in the primos jellyhead purched at the best outfitter Bass Pro god i love that place!!! and set up some targets @ 40 yards.

i mounted some adjustable truglo pro series gobble dot magnum sights on the rib and cycled one round through it, looked on at 20 on a 20x30 carboard box so moved my target out to 40 and placed a few different rounds down range to test for accuracy. these are just to see how they perform. i am not dialing in or adjusting sights untill i find one i like.

most of them blew the box over with a brick in the bottom as a weight. so i think my penetratration will be fine. some seemed to pattern off the page a bit but werent grouped tight enough to shoot again and see. i tried federal lead flight control and hevi shot both in #4,#5,#6. my aim point was the base of the neck. targets are 12x12

the others i tested diddnt do nearly as well with literally half the pellets in the head and neck but the wind was whippin and looked as though the pattern was off the page any way so there not ruled out yet. all advice and comments wanted thanks


hevi shot #6 81 pellets in head and neck


fed flight control lead# 6 54 pellets in head and neck but notice i drew another head 4" to the left where i counted 74, will move sights if i choose these after more tests




fed flight control lead #5 62 pellets

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These are the same targets I use in my sessions. The criteria I go by are the hits in the Skull, spine,and trachea as well as the balance of the pattern.Your targets show definite charactoristics of a strong performer.I don't want any open areas on the target at all,I want pellets from right to left and top to bottom.Make copies of this target and shoot 2 shots with each shell/choke at 35 and 45yds,count the Bone/vein hits on each and find your best load.If you still are hitting with consistency,back up in 5yd increments.


The one you have the most confidence in,use. Good luck

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gotta luv that "Bargain Cave" at Cabela's!!! If I wasn't 4.5 hours from the closest Cabela's I'd live in that cave or at least visit everyday!!!


ne of u guys try the SVL Limbsaver "pop-in" recoil pads on your SBE's or Super Nova's? I use Limbsaver stuff on my bows and it is great for reducing noise and vibration but I wonder if these new recoil pads work well on the Benelli's???

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