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SBE 2 Patterning to the left


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Any clues on bringing this thing to the right a bit? I shot at 30-35 yrds, same ammo etc etc.... everything off the left. Drop seems fine. Thanks in advance for the input!


The cast shim will only give you a 1/4" or so of cast on, or cast off. Sometimes the stock has to be inletted to move the buttstock further in one way or the other.

A rear stock on a shotgun is like the rear sight on a rifle. If you move the rear stock to the right (cast off), the gun will shoot to the right. If you move the stock to the left (cast on), the gun will shoot to the left. If you move the stock down, i.e. increase the (drop) it will shoot lower. If you move the stock up, the gun will shoot higher. Most men will shoot a "C" or "D" drop shim and more women will tend to shoot an "A" or a "B" drop shim. As a stock gets longer it increases the drop and cast the further you get from the wrist, or the start of the comb.

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