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Something Wrong With My SBEII


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There has to be something wrong with my SBEII.


I hunted with it yesterday and it poured rain.

It got wet and very dirty.


I was going to clean it when I got home, but I had some emergency business calls to take care of, and it just sat in the back seat of my pickup and never got so much as wiped off.

It literally soaked for about 6 hours after being in the rain and muck for about five hours.


When I got home I was tired and pre-occupied with other things, so I forgot all about cleaning the gun.


I actually didn't get a chance to disassemble and clean the SBEII until over 24 hours after it had been exposed to the elements.


My gun is the dreaded matte black that we've heard so much about this year on these forums, so I feared the worst.


And yet, when I took it apart and cleaned it, I couldn't find a speck of rust, inside or out.


Very disappointing news!


There must be something wrong with this expensive Italian shotgun!?


Why didn't it rust? :confused:







Here's why.



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