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New gun thoughts....


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So I figured since I'm considering a Benelli, might as well ask on here:D


I've been hunting for 9 years now, with a used Mossberg 500 20 ga. I got used. I use it for everything from deer to turkey to squirrel. I've decided this spring I'd like to get a new gun, mainly for turkey. Though if possible, maybe have the option of getting a slug barrel for it for deer in the future, and/or shooting some squirrels.


I've been looking at Mossbergs, Remingtons, and Benellis. The forend on my Mossberg really rattles which is a bit annoying at times. Although I'm a righty, I shoot guns left handed because of a right eye injury long ago, and although I want something with a pistol grip or thumbhole...they aren't easy to find for lefties.


So I'm looking at 12ga and 20 ga but I think I want to stick with 20ga. I see Benelli has a 20 ga Nova...and a 20 ga Nova turkey...what's the difference between the two? Are you able to get a slug barrel for either of them?


Would like to hear what you all shoot...what's god and bad. Does anyone shoot a Nova?



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i have not looked at nova's in a while....just bought a super nova for my teenage (18) son for turkey hunting though! He also shoots an M1 in 20 gauge from time to time and likes it very well.


if there is a 20 ga nova turkey out there my guess is the only difference is camo and maybe a shorter (24" barrel)!


my daughter (16) has a Remington 870 thumbhole stocked 20 gauge and she loves it....i built it up from a used youth model with a Boyd's stock and forearm, has 21" barrel for slugs and 24" ribbed for everything else. She loves shooting the benelli M1 Super 90 in 20 gauge, too.


Good luck!

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If you don't like rattling forends then the Nova may not be for you :cool:.


The M2 and Nova are available in 20 ga, slug configurations.



I'm a lefty and I shot RH shotguns for years.

I never thought it was such a big deal until I actually got a LH SBEII. Now you couldn't make me shoot a RH side ejecting shotgun.


A word of caution and advice: Buy the slug gun and then order the field barrel for it.

The standard barrels are much more readily available than the slug barrels are.


Definitely stay with the true Benelli line and don't stray to the trappings of many who want to thing the Stoeger is an economical Benelli. it is not.

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Thanks for the input..and keep it coming.


Say I did get a slug gun then bought the field/turkey barrel..how much do those run for?


I'm thinking probably alot of pump guns have forearms that rattle....I don't think anything could compare to my Mossberg rattle though....:rolleyes: Heck, if it fits well and I like it...won't worry about the rattle too much;)


I'm planning a trip sometime in a month or so to Basspro and hopefully they carry a Nova to try out. I want to handle some Remingtons as well....

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best thing i heard anyone say........you never know till you put your hands on the gun! I have a gun shop near me that lets you shoot guns out at their trap or skeet field before you buy if you can find a place like this run there as fast as you can! Turkey season will be here soon!

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Before I reply,let me make this statement.I am not affiliated in any way to the makers of Hevi-Shot.



Ok. now, Before you buy anything,if you have access to a 12ga.gun,try shooting a few rounds of Hevi-13 shotshells in 3in. 12 ga. The recoil from these shells is comparable to that of a magnum 20ga load. The velocity of this load in #6shot is only 1,090 f.p.s.,but what these pellets do down range is insane.#1 is shoot what you are most comfortable with,I just wanted to throw an option out there so things might open up for you.

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