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Benelli M4 Quad Rail Handguard


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What do y'all guys think of this vs. the Sure Fire M80? It cost more but I kinda think that the top could act as a heat shield. Plus it is a B&T.http://www.dsarms.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BT21353


While I dont doubt that its a quality product, that is just overkill.

IMO even on an AR, a full quad pic rail is a solution looking for a problem. I cant imagine needing that many mounting points for accessories on a damn shotgun.


Id rather pick up a universal $20 small pic rail mount for a flashlight, and let that be it.



Why dont those jerkoffs get off thier asses and make something useful like a decent priced tele-stock?

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I agree with Bs. I have a small B&T double pic rail mount clamped on my mag tube. It is top-notch in fit and finish- my only complaint is that I have to break out the hex key and remove it to take off my barrel.


If you like the look of it, I say buy it and be happy. But for less than what you would pay for that piece you could buy the smaller B&T mount, a Surefire weapons light, AND have an extra pic rail open for a laser or whatever.


What all could/would you want to put on a shotgun pic rail?


- tactical light (obvious)


- laser (somewhat useful)


- sling mount (The M4 already has perfectly good mount built in)


- vertical foregrip handle (other than going for a certain "look", what

do they do for you? And they hurt to shoot!)


- spare battery holder (batteries could be stored elsewhere)


What am I leaving out?



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