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M3 Super 90 3 round block


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I have a factory 7+1 Super 90. It does not comply with NYS law if a pistol grip is installed on the firearm. I swapped it to a straight stock for now but would like to get the firearm back to its' pistol grip configuration. That leaves me with two questions:


1) Would a 3 round block change the status of the firearm as it is not a fixed 4 shot mag tube? If so, where can I purchase one?


2) If not, where can I get a standard fixed 4 shot mag tube?

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1.) without knowing the NYS law specifically this is difficult to answer.....here in ohio when it comes to deer or waterfowl season one must have a 3 shot only shotgun so the addition of a "plug" makes the gun with over 3 shots legal. You really should verify this with your local Sherrif's department, not this forum.


Magazine "plugs" can be easily made from plastic pipe, wooden towel or aluminum and cut to fit as needed. You can also find them on e-bay if you do some searhing.


2.) there was a guy on here called "socomguy" who was making custom mag tubes for the M4's perhaps you can search those threads and see if he can help you with an M3 mag?!?!?


good luck!

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I really appreciate the reply. Ideally I'd like to just find a 3 or 4 shot tube. Having a really hard time doing so online. I am seeing tubes on Brownells but there is no description as to its size. Ah, the hunt for the tube continues. If anyone has a source, please let me know :)

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Way back in the late 60's, my very first shotgun that was all mine, was a Winchester 97 pump riot gun. Had to have my brother buy it since I was old enough yet. It was the only shotgun I had to hunt everything from Quail, pheasents to ducks. To make it legal (2 shells in the mag only) I cut down a 1/2" wooden dowel to the correct length and lacquered it twice and placed it into the magazine. The dowel stayed in for almost thirty years until I sold the shotgun to one of those Cowboy Action shooters. Bought my Defense M1 S90 back in 1986 and a year later bought a 28" hunting barrel for it. The barrel came with the limiter rod, 4 chokes and a regular stock.




Cape Cod

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