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SBE2 light primer strikes


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Has anyone else had problems with light primer strikes w/ their SBE2's? I disassembled by bolt and throughly cleaned all the parts yet I'm still getting very light strikes on the primer. The indent is deep enough to ignite the powder most of the time..the only probelm shell has been the Fiocchi Golden Pheasant load where the indent was too light to ignite the powder. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

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Did you take the firing pin out and clean the recess it is in?Years ago I had a Rem 1100 to start giving light strikes and sometimes would fire and sometimes would not.Turns out that there had been a buildup of oil in the firing pin hole and it was causing a sort of hydraulic effect,sometimes it would allow the firing pin to strike hard enough to ignite the primer,and sometimes not.

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