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What's the best mom &pop place to hunt in South Dakota

Rooster Man

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This may sound dumb but i've wanted to hunt South Dakota for 50 years and never had the chance, this fall I'm going. My 32 year old son and i no longer have a dog. Could someone recommend a good mom and pop 2-3 hundred acre farm where they could provide a good 3 day experience? Nothing fancy, just a good flushing dog. I don't like "driven" pheasant hunts. Any names you can give me? thanks Rooster Man DJ Dan Flint MI (I'm in fairly good shape and like a mix of covers also should in hunt in October or wait till December for lower crowds?:)

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A good place to start would be ordering Blacks Wing, Clay and Waterfowl directory. They have a comprehensive list of hunting locations in most every state. Get a list and start calling around.




We hunt private ground, some is in the Southeast corner around Alcester, Central around Woonsocket and West of the river in Murdo. All areas are different and require different tactics.


Good Luck

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I grew up in SE SD...here are a couple suggestions for smaller operations:

http://www.alsdream.com, and

sioux river wildlife preserve

Both of these are on the east side of the state. They are also pretty small operations.

I know the owners of each.

For a broader offering of what SD has to offer, look to



BTW, get a non-resident license, good for two 5-day periods (good for non-preserve space like private land, walk-in land, and public land). This non-resident license is also good all year round for any preserve in the state. The preserve season for non-residents is from Sep thru Jan (typically).

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