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Benelli M2 Field Comfortech 24" Barrels Point of Aim


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I've just bought an 11 shot M2 Field, expecting to wreak havoc on the local woody population.


First day out with the M2 I shot 142 cartridges for 10 pigeons which is a joke. I was so pis**d off I reverted to my Browning Cynergy Black Ice O/U 30" barrels and hit 116 pigeons with 160 cartridges the following day...


Does anybody have any idea where the **** a Benelli M2 actually shoots as it certainly isn't the expected point of aim...!


I'm gutted that it's shite as I had my hopes up big time expecting the M2 to be a lethal pigeon stopper! I could barely hit a barn door with it. Never mind, maybe I'll get shot of it and revert to Browning Fusion Evolve semi auto's as they shoot where you point them first time every time in my experience.

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I'm going to guess wood pigeons.


I would certainly break out the shim kit and work on the drop and/or cast of that M2.


Use a big sheet of cardboard or paper and bring the tools to change the shim.


It make take some time, but you should be able to figure out how to move the POI around. As long as you don't use the sights :eek:


I agree though, all of my Brownings fit me better right from the box than all but one of my Benellis. My original low-rib SBE is still a champ. Nice old low vent rib girl :)

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Strange you should mention Brownings. My older Browning, 20 guage Special Field Citori with it's English style stock, hits right on for me, straight out of the box. When I purchased my 20 guage short stock Monty, just before bird season, I couldn't hit a clay pigeon no matter what. The next summer I played around with the shims at the range and now the little Monty (AKA Quail killer) is my main upland gun. Sure I still take the Browning or a Remington out in the mornings during bird season for an hour or so, but after I eat lunch and take a nap, I spend the rest of the afternoon with my Monty. Their's been more than a few afternoon walking pheasants and single Quail ot two that wished I had left my Monty home :rolleyes:




Cape Cod

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