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Calling Muden


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Mudhen and others:

Have you had any success with hand load turkey loads? Im shooting a SBE II with a trulock .660. Ive tried Hevi13 #6's, Remington #6's and the winchester #6's all in 3 1/2 and one 3" Remington for load aspects but not been overly impressed with anything. Hevi 13 got me 8 pellets in the neck vitals, winchester 5, and all others 4 pellets and an honest 40 yards. Ive got 15 pounds of nickel plated 6 and buffer, and 3 1/2 inch hulls from goose season but wondering if its worth the time and effort.

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jr, it's absolutely worth the effort if you already have the reloading equipment (IMHO)!?!? i reload most all of my 10ga turkey loads and make them with both nickle or copper plated lead (harder shot than std chilled shot lead). i've found most brands of nickle and copper plated shot to be more consistant than some of the best factory ammo i've shot from the "mighty 10".....buffer is also a must for better, tighter patterns. the beauty of reloading is you can experiment with different wads, different powder and different weights until you find the optimum performance.


if you don't have a loader, buy a MECjr used on ebay....i've seen them sell for as little as $20 (including shipping)!


sorry mudhen, couldn't resist adding my 2 cents, looking forward to your reply.

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