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Turkey Choke for an M2

dapper dan

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Sorry I am throwing out another which choke thread, but I see most are concerning the SBE. Well I am the proud owner of an M2 and am looking at turkey chokes. Many are listed as they fit the SBE and then have the Beretta/Benelli category. I just dont want to get the wrong thing. I was looking at a kicks gobbling thunder and the comp-n-choke. Just wondering what category I have to go for. I know the SBE chokes won't fit and have just read different posts on the M2. So M2 hunters, let me know what you are using. Good Luck to all this season. Dan

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SBE & SBE2 chokes are different.....MC (****** Choke) vs. Crio+ (CrioPlus). I own both but I don't own a M2....However, I was thinking the M2 was using the Crio+ system, too?!?!


Either way, your choke tubes will be marked MC or Crio+, this is the best way to determine what you have and buy the right choke tube!


Right now I have a Beretta 390, Beretta 686, Beretta 687, Benelli SuperNova, SBE, M1Super90 and Nova that are all 12 ga and they ALL use the same Beretta/Benelli MC system, my SBE2 is the only one that is different and uses the Crio+.

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Thanks guys, I decided to go with the Kick's Gobbling thunder. I called the company and told me what i needed. I drove up to Bass Pro shops and they had the brand just not the one I was looking for. The Kicks chokes are labeled on the package as SBE2 and M2. I ordered one online in the 665. The funny thing was even there website din't mention which one to go with for the M2. I was almost still a bit skeptical when i talked to the company. But when I saw the package in the store I knew he was right. Maybe they should add the M2 on there site that way they won't get guys like me calling and asking questions.:D

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Yep, the SBE II and M2 both use the newer Benelli Crio Choke system. They are longer than the Benelli Standard Choke system found in the SBE and M1 series.


I've tested almost every choke out there for SBE II's. So far, .660 (Rhino & Jellyhead) has been the most effective with the #6's that I shoot. Any time I stray away from .660, up or down, I get poor results.


.665 could be just fine. I'd lean towards #5's. I prefer a .665 over a .655. Seems like the tighter chokes lead to more blown patterns.


I'll be testing a SSX .643 this weekend. Photos Monday.

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