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Tru-Glo SSX = No-Go SSX in my SBE II!


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My brand new Tru-Glo SSX TG154X choke does not fit in my Benelli SBE II :( Not even close. Similar reports are showing up at the N W T F website.


I hope I'm wrong, but I predict that when I contact Tru-Glo today, they will not reply or reply that they can't do anything until after turkey season, and I'll end up returning the choke to Cabela's for credit.


Too bad. I have heard so much about this tube. I'll just stay with my Primos Jellyhead for now.

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thanks for the info mudhen!


i hope to test a MadMax2 choke in my SBE2 as soon as we get some decent weather here in ohio.....this tube came from cabela's last week and is non-ported and fit perfectly....part number is MD-11099 and it is a .660"......i selected this choke for 2 reasons, 1.) it has a 1-1/2" long constant constriction which should improve pattern density. 2.) it was CHEAP, less than $20!


the boys at Nitro have been testing the MadMax2 alongside a .665" JellyHead, and a Rhino .660" so far the MM2 is getting better results than the Rhino and about the same as the JellyHead.....their test gun is a 21" Remington so i expect tottally different results in my 28" SBE2!


i have a SuperMax "ported" choke that patterns great in my 3" Encore....it is an ugly choke with long narrow slots cut in the same direction the shot travels but i think this "grabs" the wad and produces a better pattern. i don't know who makes these chokes for MAD but the quaility is exceptional....SuperMax chokes are about $80 but i don't think they make one for SBE2's yet?!?!

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