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Another choke tube question


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http://www.trulockchokes.com/interchange.htm easy to get confused and really need to pay attention when buying them, they get expensive fast! I do not own a berreta so i would stick with a choke that specificaly said your model gun. chart at bottom of screen tells what gun Benelli chokes fit and i would suspect if a choke is marked for both that it would probably work for both as in Benelli/Berreta hopefully this list will clear things up or give them a call before using!!

Buying chokes ya gotta pay close attention on the application specs or you will have a bag full of spare chokes fast!


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Here's the issue:


Benelli Crio barrel ID's run .723 - .719, some even say .718.


Beretta Optima Plus barrel ID's run .733


The chokes technically interchange. Same size and thread pattern. But they don't necessarily offer the same choke effect.


So while the choke may say .660 Turkey, it doesn't always work the same in each barrel. .723 choked to .660 may not pattern the same as .733 choked to .660. Even more so if your Benelli is .719 (like my SBE II).


I've gone round and round with some choke makers on this. Yes, the chokes work almost the same. Probably fine for most folks. But not always. Like Hog said, you can waste some real serious $$$ pretty quick if you don't know the specs.


If Kicks labels a choke Ben Crio, I bet they did some homework on the gun.

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One thing a lotta people pay no attention to is the care/storage of their tubes, they will shoot like **** if ya bend them or set on them! ya gotta use a hard case to keep them in or they are subject to deformation and now they are junk! cause you were too lazy to secure them and take care to not destroy them!! expensive easy mistake!

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