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Nova Pump


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I live in Labrador, Canada and put my Nova through ****. I mostly use this gun for camp protection against bears so I need it to fire the first time, every time. I must be up to a 1000 rounds by now and I havn't had a single jam or misfire and I use it in all weather conditions imaginable. I'm so happy with the Nova I'm planning on buying another one. (maybe the SuperNova this time, with the pistol grip)

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I have a nova I bought used. I did not think I would like it much since I like doubles and have never liked pumps due to they did not ever seem to fit well (Owned a Browning BPS, Winchester Model 12, and a Remington 870). However after a season of waterfowl and upland hunting with it in ND I am sold on the Nova pump. They might not be flashy but they handle and pattern great.


I was so impressed I decided to modify mine to handle even better. I have installed a new Sims recoil pad (quick mount version), a Callahan magazine tube follower in stainless steel, a heavier magazine spring, and a neopreen stock cover(to remove the bite on my cheek when shooting 3.5 inch shells).


The gun had a Benelli mercury recoil reducer in the stock when I bought it which seemed to make the gun feel a little to heavy in the rear so I installed an addition recoil reducer in the magazine tube to help balance the gun at its center point and to help with swing through. I purchased all my add-ons from Brownells.


I "really" like how it feels now. If I want to reduce weight I will remove the recoil reducers when upland hunting over large areas. I will likely leave the configuration alone most of the time due to I use the gun mainly for waterfowl. I am interested in trying it out this spring on turkey.

There are only two negative points I have towards the Benelli

1. The factory pad is worthless, especially when shooting 3.5 inch shells, but this can easily replaced with a sims pad.

2. The rattle in the pump action but this is just a quirk of owning a nova.


All in all I would highly recomend a Nova due to you can customize it if you want or leave it alone. either way it will shoot great.

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