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What Constriction Choke Tube?


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Opinions are going to vary on this, and guns vary a litle too. Most people will probably say .660. I have a friend who shoots the .655 and #5s and gets awesome patterns. When I buy a Kicks tube it will be .655.


Over constricting can blow your pattern, but I've seen my friends patterns, and they aren't blown at all.


I shoot the Indian Creek in the .655 and Hevi-13 #5s. I actually shot the .665 Indian Creek along side the .655 with a few different brands on ammo and the .655 was a little better.

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For the money, you may want to look into a Jellyhead .660 which you can shoot hevishot through too. Around $42.00 total with shipping from www.wingsupply.com I had the best results out of my SBE II using Hevi 13 3.5" 2 1/4 oz. #6 shot. Check out some of the other threads to see some of the results. I think Mudhen uses a jellyhead with Win. XR and he is satisfied.

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