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  1. We hunt from ground blinds all season. A rainy days have been the best hunting we have ever had. I'm not a fan of sitting on the ground,but will do it to hunt. The ground blind on a rainy day is hard to beat. Try it, and I think you will find it is a great time to hunt Turkeys.
  2. You are not alone. I bought a SBE2 and went to the Benelli catalog to buy the best factory camo sling for this untimate set-up. Found out there is not a camo sling from Benelli. Very dissapointing,as I have to search all over for the righ one,with the right swivels etc. I also like the Claw and have it on my rifles,but also heard it is not a perfect fit for a SBE2. I would pay 100 or more for a great camo SBE2 sling,manufactured by Benelli for Benelli. I am going to get back into this project,and find what works. Please let me know what you find also. Seems we ea
  3. Should have 2 pics later this week. Had a 9.5" beard. From what I have read that is about average. I have hunted birds and big game since College,but at age 50 I took my first Gobbler. Hunted out of a ground blind,which made it an easier hunt. Can't get away with as much moving as I did if I was sitting in the open. It was raining,so the covered blind was great. TN limit is 4 birds total,1 per day per hunter. Think Ill try for another one this week. Shooting 3.5's with a SBE2 is great fun. Amazing how light it is,yet the recoil is not bad at all. That helps us old guys. Good luck guys.
  4. If you want a SBE2 combo that put an amazing number of pellets in the neck of a Gobbler today, read my previous post. The Kicks .655 Gobblin Thunder. Winchester Supreem # 6 in 3.5 put that big Tom down for the count where he stood. Whoever said the SBE2 is not a great Turkey gun is wrong. Oh Man it put the smack down on him. Having hunted waterfowl for many years, I was concerned as this was my first Turkey hunt. Read many posts knocking the Benelli as a bad choice for Turkeys. Yea right. The SBE2 is the best semi-auto I have ever owned. I'm even a bigger fan of this shotgun now as ever. Th
  5. Opened today in Tennessee. Took my first Gobbler ever. Huge bird SBE2, Kicks Gobblin Thunder, .655, Winchester Supreem # 6 Dropped in his tracks. That was fun.
  6. Opening day here in Tennessee. Did not take the time to pattern for Turkey,and this was my first Turkey hunt. Bought the Kicks .655. After reading several posts here I went with the Winchester Supreem # 6 3.5 for my SBE2. Killed a large gobbler at 37 yds. Put the bead on about the middle of his neck,and it took him down immediatley. Hardly andy pellets lower than his neck,and hardly any to his head. I will put some shots on paper sometime this week,and see what it looks like. All I know is that it is a tight pattern. Also bought a box of Remington Nitros # 7 in 3.5 Did not shoot an
  7. I have ben an avid waterfowler for years shooting 3" shells in non-Benelli shotguns. I never shot a 3.5 until I bought an SBE2 this season. I packed some ammo and went on a 3 day Goose hunt and we did very well. I thought the recoil was not nearly as bad as I expected. Especially considering how light the weapon is. I have heard others say the comfort tech system is all hype. I beleive in it,or have I also been convinced by the hype? Anyone have expereince shooting 3.5's in other shotguns who can give a comparison?
  8. I must be nuts the more I think about this. I buy a SBE2 and it comes with a set of crio chokes,and I still go out and buy 1 and probably 2 more chokes. Spending cash on a hunting sport never seems to end,excluding the high price of ammo.
  9. I went with the Kicks Gobblin Thunder in .655 for my SBE2. Have not shot it yet. I have read a lot on this subject and a lot of SBE2 owners prefer the jellyhead. I may buy it and compare it.
  10. im buying what bhntr1980 is using. thats great!
  11. so much info. Bought the Kicks .655 for my SBE2. Read so much on this site,I was about to return it today for a jellyhead. Now I have no idea what to keep.
  12. I meant to say I am now also a predator hunter. Turkey hunting must be the real deal.
  13. I am an avid waterfowler,big game hunter,and not predator hunter. This will be my forst year to turkey hunt and i am 50 years old. Never did it because it seems very unexciting and a lot of sitting still just to shoot a bird that is walking in front of me. I don't mind being in a tree in a climber all day Deer hunting thought. It must be something that you only love after doing it. I hope that is true. Im excited about it.
  14. I always thought the free stuff to field testers was a scam. Good for you if you have this gig. Every time I tell myself this is the last hunting related thing I need,and I have all I need,something new comes out and I want one. One thing I am holding to is that my SBE2 is the last semi-auto I am every going to buy. Makes getting up at 3:00 AM worth it,when I get to hunt with it. Al we need now is 12 month hunting seasons. Which I shy I took up Predator hunting. Building an AR-15 for that. Whole other topic.
  15. I agree. People get loyal to a brand like Benelli,and take negative comments as bashing the gun they own and love. That is normal. I would think that any Benelli that left the factory or soon after had mechanical problems,Benelli could and would fix it. If that means they exchange it with a new one I would expect them to do it. The dealer that sold you the weapon should resolve this for you in my opinion. If anyone says my SBE2 is crap,I just let it go in one ear and out the other. This last Duck and Goose season, I was only able to shoot mine a few times. My blind buddies,all wanted to shoot
  16. I lost you at the point where you said there is money to be made... You sell what on Ebay? What speaking events?
  17. I expected it to kick with the 3.5's,and it does deliver. I do quite a bit of waterfowling,and I mostly shoot 3". If I choose to get nasty or have to reach out further,I'll shoot the 3.5's,but not all that often to ruin my day in pain. If you are going to shoot the big shells one after another,it may not be all that fun. I still perfer the SBE2 for a lot of reasons. It would kick less it it weighed more,but I prefer the lighter weight,and will take the hits the 3.5's give me. Thats just the way I look at it. Don't like the heavy autos at all.
  18. You may be correct. I have not been here long enough to hear the tales. I have never met a person who owns and shoots a Benelli who didn't like it a lot.
  19. Hey Mudhen. Unless preacher just totally out of the blue made this complete story up,he shouldn't be questioned like that. Why would he or anyone take the time to make a post,read,and reply several times to a made up lie ? If he bought it and was satisfied,why would he come to this forum,and make up a story? I think we at least need to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  20. Took my first visit to MySpace to check out quakerboys profile. Specifically, what do you do for a living? Are you a paid staff member of the companies you listed? Not taking any shots at you, just Curious. I appreciate your Claw sling comment.
  21. HA. Real or not, Jerry messed up losing her. Who cares,when they look like her?
  22. Im a waterfowler myself,and never gave Turkey hunting a thought until a few months ago. So if it's not a Turkey kiling machine,I'm OK. I'll have a very experienced caller with me on this hunt,so he should call Tom in close enough for the kill. Or I can always pull the old 870 out from under the bed,and give it a try.
  23. sure hope I get some replies before I go tie that rope in place of swivels on my SBE2. This sling thing has had me freaked out since day 1. Got to have the correct sling,or it isn't right. I can't be the only purest that wants the right sling out here in Benelli World.
  24. Hey Mudhen. You stole that ovaltine line from an old Seinfield show. Didn't Teri Hatcher look amazing back then? They are real.
  25. I find myself reading,searching,and researching things like this too much myself sometimes. Can't help it for some reason. Then again,it sure is great when the game falls after the gun goes, BOOM boom BOOM.
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