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n00b Here


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I just bought my very first shotgun. It's a Benelli nova tactical. My question is this: When Open the box and put the barrel and what not on I had this small plastic clip in the box. I scanned the manual and parts list and nothing there appears to show/say what it is. So for the past 2 nights it's frustrated the **** outta me. Here's the even better part, I broke it. :( I made a picture (if you want to call it that lol) of what it did look like. Any help will be appreciated.

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Now that I can post pics, here what I tried to draw to give ya'll an idea.



It was rather small in size. Maybe 1/4 inch thick 1/2 half an inch wide and 1 inch tall. And it had the arrow i put on the drawing on it.



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Hi Noob,


Don't have a Nova, but when I bought my little 20 guage Monty a few years ago, their was a small red tab attached to the chamber (about 1" x 1+1/2") just in front of the bolt face. It was for packing purposes to protect the bolt. :)





Cape Cod

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