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Flying out of USA to CANADA w/ stock case?


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If you want to save yourself a lot of time on travel day, here's what you should do.


We went to Africa last year, and found out that you can go to a nearby (live near the airport??) US Customs office, and complete a short Form, 4457, I believe it's called, which lists the firearm, serial #, etc., and let a customs inspector look at it and inspect your gun. They then put their stamp on the form.


In that way, when you get to the airport, you show them that Customs has already inspected your gun and things go much faster.


Also, when you come home, you have ready proof that you left with the gun and are not importing something new. Actually, the customs inspector let us put any valuables, e.g., cameras, binocs, video cam's, etc. on additional 4457's. There was no question about either the ownership, or purchase of any of the items we were coming into US with.


It works well in both directions---good idea for anyone leaving the country to do.

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I forgot to mention, the Benelli case works well in your trunk or back of the truck.


I wouldn't trust it to the gorillas that will be loading the plane!! I agree with Tucker, you can get a good aluminum case from Cabela's---if you have ANY insurance in your life, this one would be worth it. Within the cost of the trip, this is a minor item.

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Thanx for the info everyone. We opted to go w/ a plastic triple lockable case and everything went smooth... To answer you're ? Drundel you dont need a trigger lock if u have a lockable case that cant be "pried" open. S.F. CA had some issues w/ our 1st attempt. if a latch poped you could pry a side open... So we bought a new 1 in canada and we're fine. tongue.gif PS Limited on Ducks and Geese. 16 of ea for a 3 day hunt.... SBEII worked like a champ... Im extremely happy tongue.gif


Happy hunting all

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