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self defense


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The "best" depends on your situation, living arrangements, and location.


If you live alone, and away from other people, then buckshot or a combo load of buck and ball would be devastating.

However, this kind of load could easily pass through walls and into adjacent rooms, apartments, and even close-by houses and injure or kill innocents.


If your situation merits it, a lighter load of birdshot can be just as devating at close range, but harmless to others in the home or close by.


Firequest makes some awesome home defense rounds and they can be found in their catalogue at www.firequest.com.


I can't wait to slip one of their flamethrower rounds into my duck hunting partner's gun next season. Should be quite a show at first light. :eek:


The prefered choke would be cylinder or imp. cylinder.


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I would suggest spending some time reading and researching the posts in the SGW Tactical Shotguns forum.




In short, don't waste your money on the exotic ammo.


Stick to OO or OOO buckshot. Some say #1 buckshot is the best.


I agree with tucker301 regarding the choke being C or IC.


Regards threeshot

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