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Crio Or Back Bored Barrels ?


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I Write From Greece And It's The First Time That I Use A Forum For My Questions.

Another Matter Is My English So, Please, Forgive Mistakes That I Will


I Am About To Buy A New Shotgun And The Recoil System Is Not A Matter. The Barrel

Technology Is. In Your Opinion A Back - Bored Barrel Will Pattern Better Or A

Crio Barrel ? Are Back-bored Barrels As Good As They Describe Or There Is Not Much Difference, Finally ? I Already Have Two Browning's. An A5 And A B 2ooo, Both Very Good

Guns. But.. I Like Benelli's !! I Have A M4, A Fantastic Gun But Not For Hunting.

Can You Help Me ? Thank You..

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Hi There KG22122,


Perhaps if you posted your question in the general forum, more people might get a chance to see it and give you an opinion. The general forum is at the top and says "BENELLI". Lots of luck. The forum your in now is titled "Upland Game" which is typically for those silly bird hunters that chase feathers from Pheasents and Quail.



Cape Cod


A5 20 guage

Citoti 20 Guage Upland Special

(my two Brownings)

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In my opinion:


Crio treatment and back boring are a waste of money, unless your barrel throws truly horrible patterns, in which case you should get a different gun.


The only way to tell what king of patterns your gun throws is to do a lot of testing. A program called "shotgun insight" is very helpful in this regard.


On the other hand, most shotguns thoow acceptable patterns for hunting, and will do all you need.


The most important thing is to practice, practice, practice on clay targets until you're good.

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