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Had To Pull My Xd Out!!!


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Well, I was on my way home from offshore and I was getting sleepy. I gassed up 4 hours earlier when I first got on the road. I had been up about 20 hours and decided to stop and go to the bathroom and get some coffee to drink at this gas station I usually stop and get gas at. Well, when I pulled up the parking lot was full so I had to park on the side of the store. I go in and take care of things and when I came out side going to my truck a guy starts to come at me saying "Hey man, Hey come see." I said " I don't have nothing for you!" Then he gets all upset. "How come you see a black man coming to you and you think I want money" he said. I told him,"Some of my best friends are black so it is not a black or white thing but that anyone hanging out at 3am in a gas station parking lot usually wants money." Then he said that if he was white I would have stopped to see what he wanted. I told him I was on my way home and was tired and did not have time for anyone, including his black/white bull crap. Then he reached in his back pocket and pulled a knife and said that if he wanted my money he would get it if he wanted it. At this point I was (and I'm not ashamed) scared sh!t less. But I was able to keep my cool and I pulled up my shirt and pulled out my XD-9 SC. I did not point it at him but made darn sure he got an eye full. Then he said, " Why it's got to be like that?" Thats when I said," You the one that pulled a knife on me. Looks like you the one thats got to be like that." Well, he took off to the front of the store and was saying he pulled a gun on me. So when some of the guys he was talking to when I went in the store started to come over to the side of the store asking why I pulled a gun I could not help my self but say,"He is the dumb ass that brought a knife to a gun fight. I got in my truck and took off. I can't believe that happen to me. But I'm glad it did not get worse than that. Not saying anything would have happen if I did not have my pistol but "What If?" Well I had to get this off my back. My wife was freaked out.

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Whoa! Glad you're okay and real glad you didn't have to use the XD! I think it's normal to be scared $#!+le$$ when suddenly confronting the unexpected, but fortunately, you had presence of mind to diffuse the situation quick enough to leave you an out. Good job! And next time? Go to Starbucks. ;)

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