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LBL surprise


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So, there I was hunting an early turkey quota draw at Land Between The Lakes this past Thursday. I went back up to my truck around noonish where I was camping to get the latest from the weather radio and some lunch, when low and behold the Godfathers of Kentucky turkey hunting, Knight and Hale, roll up in an unmarked truck. We chatted about the lack of gobbling, the high winds, and the severe weather on the way.....and how I should probably pack up my tent and get the **** out before I was killed by a falling tree. Harold was in the front passenger seat and David was behind him. The driver was a familiar looking older gentleman and there was a younger guy behind him with some camera gear, but I don't know who either were. Anyway, it's not something you expect to happen when you're out by yourself in the middle of nowhere. Super nice guys. I've met Harold before at a few hunting expos around here, but not David. They both have a deep history with turkey hunting at LBL.


Oh yeah, I didn't see a single bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The weather was awful for opening weekend here in Ky. all week it had been highs around 75 and then last weekend it was highs in the 50s. when i was hunting sunday afternoon there was freezing rain, not exactly turkey huntin weather. its supposed to warm up this week though and im gonna try to get some later. and that would be pretty awesome to just see them in the middle of nowhere!

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