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Wrong shotgun


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I recently discovered that I have a Benelli Black Eagle which belongs to someone else and that someone, apparently, has my gun. They all look exactly alike and we must have switched guns on a hunting trip. Is there any way to determine the purchaser of the gun I have through the serial number to try to get each owner the correct gun?

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Do you not even know which hunt it was?


The BATF is probably your only means of doing that.

Not sure if they'd do it unless the gun were recovered in a raid or used in a crime.


They get the shipment information from the manufaturer.

Then they contact the dealer who originally sold the gun.

Then the dealer has to dig through his records from however many years ago and report back to them who bought it.


If the gun was resold without paperwork (face-to-face intrastate), the chain of records is broken and it REALLY gets tough.


...and I'll bet you thought all of these gun transactions went into a database somewhere :D

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