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No Luck In Wv


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Week one goes to the thunder chickens :mad:. Birds have been gobbling on the roosts but once they hit the ground they shut up. Haven't had the best of luck on set ups and can't get more than one gobble out of birds when trying to strike one up. They seem henned up pretty good right now. Not many have been checked in in this area either. Hens should start to nest sometime this week and hopefully the toms will wanna come out to play ;).

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Still, no luck yet. Called in a hen this morning. She got within 5-7 yards. But no Tom. Not even a single gobble this morning or last night when trying to put em' to bed. It's been hard hunting here with all the rain and weird weather not to mention the season came in too late. I've only got a few more outings that I can go on before the season closes so hopefully heads will start rolling.

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I was only there for the first three days and the high winds, rain and snow really messed me up :mad: Did get a shot off opening morning but missed. Hard to shoot when you're soaking wet, freezing and shaking like crazy.


I do know this, I'm buying better rain gear next year and it will be the first thing packed in my truck when I'm getting ready for another hunting trip.

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