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Surefire M900ab


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Just installed today. This is the model with the red LED nav lights. The fit is perfect withe the sling ring offset to the side as pictured. Otherwise it would have to be removed. The color of the light portion is nearly an exact match to the barrel and the black blends well with other black components.





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M900A over the M900AB for reduced weight. Both the MN10 and MN11 will throw usable light to right around 100 yards. The MN16 bursted off two unprotected 18500 Li-ion cells is the brightest configuration available with either the A, or AB. However, you are recommmended to wait until the M900L @ an estimated 350 lumens is made available by SureFire. t1h2t@3 has the Brugger & Thomet Quad Rail Handguard installed.

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I have both. I was using the 900a until I got the Turbohead (AB) kit. The AB has a much more focused beam, refer to page 22 of the Surefire Tactical Catalog (download PDF) for a visual. Yes, the Turbohead lens housing weighs a bit more, but since it is only the lens and housing the additional weight is about as much as a shell. Additional I prefer the look of the AB, particularly the lens housing as it is a bit wider it looks like it was made for the m4. Hopefully Surefire will make a LED lens kit for the Turbohead housing. That's another nice thing about Surefire, they offer a lot of options.

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Hopefully Surefire will make a LED lens kit for the Turbohead housing.

The M900L will consist of the current M900 platform along with the upcoming KL9 conversion head:




Rated by SureFire at 350 lumens, the KL9 will be powered by the quad-die SSC P7 emitter.

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