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Sling? - Benelli Super Black Eagle II


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Hey guys


I would like to purchase a sling for my Super Black Eagle II. My gun already has the studs in place for a sling so I would like to utlize them if possible. I really like the Claw Rifle Sling made by Quake Industries and it doesn't slip on your shoulder. I was at Cabelas this past weekend and was prepared to buy this sling until I had a guy behind the gun counter try one on a SBEII they had in stock. The probem was it didn't fit. The sling swivel wouldn't fit the stud on the magazine cap. I'm not sure if the stud was recessed to far back from the factory or if it was the design of the mag cap itself that wouldn't allow it to fit. The mag cap on the SBEII isn't flat but rather concaves slightly inward which keeps the stud from sticking out very far. Quake Industries also makes a Claw shotgun sling, however it is designed to slip over the gun stock and barrel. Since my gun has the studs for the sling, again I would rather utlize them.


My question to those who own a SBEII or know about them:


Have you tried the Claw Rifle sling on a SBEII and had success?


Was it the gun in Cabelas, or do you think it is true to say that no SBEII will accept the sling I like (Claw Rifle sling)?


If you have a sling on your SBEII or know of a good sling what do you recommend?


I called Quake Industries customer service and they were not much help. They could only suggest the Claw shotgun sling that slips over the stock and barrel which I didn't really want. They really didn't know about their applications (what slings fit what guns, models, etc.)


I would apreciate any input you might have in regards to Slings for a SBEII.




P.S. I also posted this on the general Benelli Forum.

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I had a regular stock on my SBE2 and later ordered a SteadyGrip for turkey hunting. I had a RedHead Sling like this at first http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_49722_400004009_400000000_400004000_400-4-9

and found out it didn't work with the SteadyGrip. I purchased a QuakeClaw because you could separate the swivel from the strap which is how you need to attach a sling to the SteadyGrip. I did this and it worked fine for me. Is the top swivel a little tricky to install? Yes, but not difficult and I would say it has 70-80% movement. It has worked fine for me for 3 seasons.


Good Luck,



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You are not alone.

I bought a SBE2 and went to the Benelli catalog to buy the best factory camo sling for this untimate set-up.


Found out there is not a camo sling from Benelli.

Very dissapointing,as I have to search all over for the righ one,with the right swivels etc.


I also like the Claw and have it on my rifles,but also heard it is not a perfect fit for a SBE2.


I would pay 100 or more for a great camo SBE2 sling,manufactured by Benelli for Benelli.


I am going to get back into this project,and find what works.

Please let me know what you find also.


Seems we each are looking for the same item.

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