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Comb insert changing (Comfort Tech)

Banjo MD

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Never tried one, but I'd get it as warm as possible and then try get a small thin screwdriver under it at one end to get it started.


I've got an outbuilding. It was 115 in there the other day.

About an hour in there would get the rubber (or whatever that stuff is) about as pliable as it can get.

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have you removed the recoil pad and looked inside?

I just checked mine and I'd go at it from that route, pushing the back end down and out from the inside with a dowel or other blunt tool.


If you've got a vise, you could pad the jaws with something rubbery and grippy like inner tube material or similar, then chuck it in there nice and snug and get after it.


If I get bored enough I may try mine tomorrow just for fun.

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