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M4 mounts


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New to the board and been reading all the discussion on best mounts for the M4. Seems like M80 might have some issues and B&T makes a very good mount. Anybody tried the Mesa Tactical barrel clamp? I can't post the link to the clamp because my post count isn't greater than 5. Check it out on the Mesa Tactical website.

Anybody know of any issues? Thanks.

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I have a Mesa barrel clamp. The build quality is very good. I am assuming you are wanting to install a light?


The pic rail that comes with the clamp can be used to mount a light but I have heard that it tends to extend too far out to the side for some when you add the light bracket and light to the PIC rail. I have used the clamp on a 870 with a light by installing the bracket only on the bottom of the mag tube and inserting a Surefire Chroma in the 2nd slot so that the push button can be activated with the side of the index finger while gripping the forend. I'd imagine you could do this with most barrel clamps given that the flashlight tube diameter permits it.

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I just put the Mesa barrel clamp on my M4 and used it to mount a Surefire Scout Light for a night shoot last weekend and it worked great. I am very pleased with it since it seemed that after I had placed the order that it didn't appear it was even suppose to fit the M4. I don't think the fit could be any better, so not sure why their web site seems to suggest it does not fit? Oh well, something works that is not suppose to. Nice!

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