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some info about Waterfowling


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Cackling Goose





Description: Cackling geese resemble Canada geese in appearance. Male Cackling geese are slightly larger than females, with both sexes having long, black necks with white chinstraps. The breast, abdomen, and flanks range in coloring from a light gray to a dark chocolate brown, either blending into the black neck or being separated from it by a wide white collar. The back and scapulars are darker brown, the rump is blackish, and the tail is blackish brown with U-shaped white band on rump. The bill, legs, and feet are black. Call is a “honking” sound, high-pitched yelp, or a distinctive squeaking “cackle”.


Cackling geese are a small-bodied group of 4 subspecies consisting of the Aleutian , Cackling, Taverner's, and Richardson's (Hutchins's) geese. Cackling geese have proportionally smaller and stubbier, triangular-shaped bills than their Canada goose counterparts. David Sibley has developed an informative webpage

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