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Anyone, any place have a M1 Practical for sale?


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On some sellers web site it lists the M3 field barrel is only suitable for the shotguns with rifle sights. I guess they feel the goast ring rear sight would not leave you with a good "field" sight plain.


Can't I just unscrew the goast ring rear sight when I mount the field barrel. I do have an M3 so maybe that is my best option.


I sent an email to ABLE AMMO from that link.....no responce.

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Thats what I did...Just took the whole rear ghost site off..Wings & all....Supposedly..weaver makes a rail that screws to the Ghost ring tapped holes..Benelli says it is a #93 weaver..but I have yet to obtain one to see if it fits....Soon as I find a GunSmith I trust that won't keep my gun longer than I've even owned it..I'll get a rail something like the M4 ...& not even use my Ghost rings(rear)

I might mention that Benelli support person says several M3 Ribbed Field barrels in matte finish are headed to the warehouse for any distributors that want one for a customer..If ya want one I'd order one thru a Benelli Dealer asap....theyr'e purty sweet..come with 4 chokes....I think the number for em is 60046...Dbl check that..

I pick'd up a after market 4+ extender for $85....I think they even make one bigger than the 4.. :confused: smile.gif

..It' looks like a Pract @ first glance..Course I don't have all that fancy clay bust'n stuff on it that M1014 does on his Hi-Class'd Pracs'... tongue.gif

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Originally posted by StarLynx:

I'll get one & post it....

Of course..Ya know I keep it in a private chateu in Belize..cuz it's not exactly 922 compliant...In case any one should wonder....:)

What makes it not exactly...? I am seeing about everyone with an M4 + telescoping stock + 2 round extension. I thought that combo was not 922r compliant, but last I read about that on these forums was last year. Even Benelli has the telestock as an option on the web site which seemed 'controversial' 1 or 2 years ago.



Support your local PJ

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AFPJ....Actually I was just raz'n on the 922 compliant thing..because the M3 I have config'd with the longer field barrel & extender is a H&K Pre ban M3 anyways..& don't have to be 922 comp'd...

Altho...I'm around ATF field agents all the time..& I have yet to find one that would even know what parts are USA made or not on the internals..I've NEVER had one question any of my Benellis...but I did have one get a little curious about one of my Converted Saiga 12ga SGs with Pistol grip..etc....If you're not familiar with the Saiga..it's a AK47 lookalike with Pistol grip & removable mag that is a shot gun..comes in 410,20 & 12ga..& looks very EVIL to gun grabbers...In other words it appears to Libs that it could possibly shoot more than 50 libs/politicians a second...

I suppose a un-experienced Field agent could cause ya a bit of grief if he for instance caught ya with it's better half in a compromising position or otherwise just wanted a lot of Paperwork time..


Plus..I do NOT want to start another "Whats Legal & Not!" thing in here as in the ARFCom forum awhile back..about the 922 is/isn't" Benelli M4 "Adjustable Stock/extension " issue...

I'm with M1014 on that...****'** if they can't take a joke..besides..if any of em ***** about my benellis..I'll toss em out 'a MY Chopper...or..I mean..they will most probably accidentily fall from the aircraft & be set free wo a chute... ;)

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set free wo a chute... [Wink]


Is that like fastroping without the rope? My back is hurting already.

You burst my bubble about the ATF...I thought all those guys knew everything and carried desert eagles, wore dark sunglasses, and answered to Agent Smith :cool: ...



Support your local PJ

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You have to put your order in to a Benelli Dealer that will put in an order to Benelli...Kin'da put your name on a list thing..I was told by their Support that several will be available....So if ya want one...the sooner the better.

...One comes up for sale used every once in awhile on the Gun Forums..

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Member # 17 posted 06-04-2006 12:33 PM


StarLynx ,,where are the pics??????????????


M1014..I got my extra M3 Field barrel today NIB from benelli today. came with 5 brand new chokes & Tool...so I can put one on both my M3s....But I'm having probs posting pics on here..I guess a couple more years in college would do it???..heh!

With that long ***'d extender put on it..everybody thats seen it thinks it;'s a Practical..


It sure is one clay bust'n *****!!!...


If I send the pics to ya..can ya do me a favor & post em??..I'll put'cha in my will if ya do...& you can have all my Benellis/Police mags Sigs ..& oh yal..I forgot..a couple a ex wives...if I pass on or disappear..

Don't let the ex wife thing scare ya off.. they're still good look'n but come with payment books... :D

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StarLynx: "M1014..I got my extra M3 Field barrel today NIB from benelli today"


Did you buy direct from Benelli? A few years ago they would sell me parts, including barrels. Last year I tried to buy a barrel and they told me those had to go trough a dealer. What is their current policy?


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Ammo..I got mine thru a LE Benelli Dealer....Took about 2.5 weeks...ran me about $319 total...with 5/Five benelli Chokes..

I contacted Benelli CS first...& the person I was talking to about chokes for my M4..(Which I got in less than a week..)..Anyways I ask'd about a 26" Ribbed field barrel for my H&K M3...& she said there was at least 6 or 7 go'n to the distributors...So I had my guy put in an order for one....Turned it into a real clay buster,too!..Can't wait ta try it out on some West Texas Dove & Blue Quail...


[ 07-15-2006, 12:37 AM: Message edited by: StarLynx ]

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