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Is this a sale? Your opinion!


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Just went to the mailbox and got the junk mail and not a single bill to pay.


However, GM sent me a sale paper. Let's look at the ammo prices and have a gabfest:


Winchester AA: $7.95

Fiocchi Golden Pheasant loads: Starting at $17.99

Gander Mountain's Upland Game & Field Loads: $12.99

Federal Heavy Upland Loads 1 1/4 oz: $9.99

Winchester Xpert Steel 3", 1 1/8 oz: $11.99


What say you? Are these decent prices? I may have to give up shooting!

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I was just at GM last night and for a changed walked out empty handed. Yeah those prices are real and not real good either, they are nuts but I think the whole industry is getting a little nuts.


We stock piled shells the last few years for duck hunting and I am sure glad I did it back then because the prices and really shot up.....parden the pun.

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What can we as a group do? Surely there is something???:mad:


If they can't take our guns away from us, they can make ammo too expensive for us to shoot them, thus useless. Isn't there some organization that can bring pressure to bear or is the poor man out of luck??:confused:


Lord help us!!

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Man i hear ya,

don't get me started on **** costin more everytime you go to buy it !

with all the new technology and equipment not to mention recycling that everybody wants.

they can produce better quality faster and cheaper for a fact but refuse to.

for the simple reason that we need the stuff and somebody will pay what they ask for it.

i can rant about this for 10 pages so im not even gunna get started, yet!!!!!!!

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gander doesnt impress me with their prices

i cant get the federal heavy upland or win AA but the others are cheaper than your price

Fiocchi Golden Pheasant loads: Starting at $14.99

Winchester Xpert Steel 3", 1 1/8 oz: $10.49

even to reload a steel shot your lookin at $9.50-$10 a box

we can get shells by Estate for sport shootin at $7.49

heavy game loads are around $12.99 to $15.49 depending

you can reload lead game loads for around $6.50

Rem gun club for $7.99

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