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Try a Burris Fastfire. They are super light (like .9 oz.)and super small (fit in the palm of your hand) and 4moa (just like the Micro Aimpoint). Larue makes a picatinny mount that has metal ears on it to further protect the optic in case of extreme abuse. These sights are designed to hold up mounted on the slide of a large caliber semi auto handgun, but come with a mount for a pic rail. These sights are incredibly tough and are designed to withstand like 4-5 hundred G's. They are almost a direct copy of a Docter Optic, except better, because of the on/off switch. It will mount right on your pic/Weaver rail. You see these sights piggybacked on the top of Trijicon ACOG's. They are way better than the Trijicon copy of the Docter however. With the Euro vs. Dollar a Docter is just too much money these days and in the unlikely event you need warranty, you have to send a Docter back to Germany.

An Aimpoint T-1 Micro would be good as well, but heavier, bigger and lots more dough. But for Turkey hunting, or Deer with a slug, a Burris FF is the ticket for under 2 bills. I use them on SMG's and they work really good.

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My opnion, which you are soliciting opinions, is to stick with the EOtech. It's literally battle proven.


Even if the window is smashed, and you can see through part of it, it can still be used.


Choice of three batts, AA, N or CR 123, to match your other equipment.


If you have a .223, they now have a reticle that matches the .223 out to 600 yards with hold overs.


Also, many models are NV compatable.


Other sights require you to look through a tube. Not as easily done as with EOtech.


Army officially says to fire with both eyes open, to increase your field fo view to spot enemies on the side. Easiest to do with EO.


Stick with the EOtech.

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