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New M4 review


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Well, I picked it up today.


It is a 11707 with 2 barrel ports, matt black, pistol grip stock.


I fired: 3" magnum buckshot, 2.75" slugs, and some 2.75" turkey loads through it. I also fired remington "Gun CLub Target Loads" listed as 1-1/8oz @ 1200fps. Pretty light stuff.


I experienced ZERO non-user related malfunctions.


The two malfunctions I experienced were: I did not allow the trigger to reset the first time I fired a fast string.


My roommate was firing the target loads from the hip and limp-wristed the shotgun.


I did the same and held it a bit firmer (still from the hip) with no issues, even floating a shell on the carrier for a total of 7 rounds fired as fast as I could.


I am VERY pleased.


The M4 was sighted in dead-on when I got it and produces clover-leaf groups at 15 yards with Winchester Power Point 1oz slugs (1700fps).


Attatched is a link to a video of me shooting afformentioned load.


Also is a picture of the M4. Soon it will have a Numrich mag tube and a SRM aluminum follower and 32" ss mag spring.


As a small bonus I discovered that my M4 (as I assume all do...) has glow in the dark sights. No not tritium. Glow in the dark. Expose the white dots to a flashlight and they glow like those plastic stars kids put in their rooms. Same stuff I think. Cool.





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I removed the stock mag tube (Green Epoxy or something, NOT LOCKTITE!) It was murder. I used a heatgun (($22 from wal-mart), a pair of boxers, my computer desk chair, and my knee and two hands. Other than a painful cut (not serious) and much struggle, it went well. I then used a 12ga brass brush to get all the crud off the threads on the reciever.


I also took the weapon totally apart (minus the BCG, which I only field-stripped (as well as other minute parts that don't need taking apart, like the gas caps.)


I am very impressed. The shotgun is well-made, simple, and should be rugged as heck. I now await my new mag-tube and SRM spring and follower.


The stock spring measures 27" and some change btw. This is after me putting around 75 rounds through it.

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