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Synthetic R-1


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I'm very much aware of what the Marines use.

They don't use off the shelf rifles, however. Contractors use the base Remington actions and little else to build the government's goods.


What I am saying is that pound for pound, dollar for dollar, and shot for shot, you cannot buy a more accurate out of the box production rifle than the Savage.


They're not as refined looking and they can be a bit clunky, but the SHOOT.


But don't take my word for it.

Read how factory Savages swept the Hickory Egg Shoot this year.


"600-yard World-Record-holder Terry Brady gave us a call this morning and reported: “You may not believe it, but a factory Savage won it all this year at the Hickory Groundhog Shoot.”

Terry said it was raining through much of the event, and many of the custom rifle shooters had tight groups but were not centered up on the target. This is a score event, with concentric scoring rings on cardboard groundhog silhouette targets at 100, 300 and 500 yards.

The overall match winner shot a Savage factory.223 Rem varminter, according to Terry. “A couple of them Savage guys had their groups nicely centered up on the targets, and that’s what it took to win.”

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What do you know about Ruger? (this is a serious question)

As far as their bigger caliber (.308) rifles?


I know little to nothing about them.

I know I've never seen one at a match.

I know that you almost never see them mentioned on the boards regarding serious accuracy.


.308 is not a big caliber

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