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Benelli M4 maintenence question!


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I know I'm not supposed to lube the gas pistons at all. But they're just the 1" long metal cylinders, right? I can lube the rods that are attached to them, right? (They look like jousting lances) I'm asking because I'm going to clean it before shooting it for the first time, and there's already a lot of grease on those rods.

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I think you are mixed up.




The piston is the piece on the bottom left. I think you're talking about something else ... did you know that the pistons come out? Or am I way off in my assessment of what you've said?


But if you look at that picture, neither of those parts need to/should be lubed. Just wipe off excess buildup from time to time if there is any, and replace. Lubing them will only attract buildup.

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You shouldn't need to lube any of the gas system components, retaining lugs included, or whatever you want to call them.


You should keep some clp on the bolt sides and the sides of the bolt carrier, the firing pin/trigger group is not needed, but it shouldn't hurt.


The object of cleaning is to remove carbon/dirt buildup and to provide lubrication on fast moving parts in order to avoid wear or at least slow down the wearing process. If you oil parts that don't need lubrication, you're just attracting buildup. It doesn't hurt to oil them, it will just be more to clean next time as debris will be attracted that otherwise would not have stuck to the parts. The main thing you should be sure to lube is just the bolt and bolt carrier group, as well as the inside of the receiver where the bolt carrier group rubs.


I'll take a quick picture that should illustrate what you're trying to avoid.

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