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Removing magazine tube?


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You shouldn't have to remove the tube to put a +2 extension on. Just unscrew the end cap, unscrew the black limiter piece, screw on the extension, and screw the end cap on the extension.


How do I get the limiter piece off? Just rip it out? ( I thought I had to remove the entire magazine tube, let the spring fall out, and I thought the limiter piece would fall out from that end.)

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The black limiter piece screws off counter-clockwise. Like Banjo MD said there may be loktite on it so use a heat gun where it's connected to the tube. Once it's off you'll need to remove the spring fastener at the top of the tube with a small pair of pliers by squeezing the two holes together (watch out because the spring is gonna go flying out) and pulling. Once that's out, put it back flush at the top of the +2 extended piece, put your spring inside the extended piece, push the spring inside the tube with the extender, screw the extender on your tube and....whall-ah.

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Is the black limiter piece the metal ring? I pried that out, There were no threads. but i have a SN so i'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. :confused:



The limiter is the black piece that is attached to the tube connecting it to the end cap. The piece has threads and it screws off of the tube counter-clockwise.

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