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Need Advice


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I am looking for my first shotgun purchase. I'm not looking to spend alot


I've narrowed my selections down and would liek to what opinions are and which may be the better overall gun.


Benelli Nova; Stoeger 2000; Mossberg 500; Remington 870


All three have combo packs that offer a cantilever fully rifled barrel. I'm looking for a 12 guage.



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I agree with Tucker, 870 first then nova,the nova is a good gun but the 870 has alot more variations and acccesories to choose from. I don't care much for Mossbergs and I've read too many horror stories on the Stoeger forum about the model 2000 and the ones I've looked at had a really cheap feel and look.

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the 870 failed military testing after 1700 rounds, the mossberg 500 went the full 10,000 of the test. the mossberg is a browning design. i know a lot of folks love the 870 and many never have a problem. for an inexpensive versatile shotgun it is difficult to beat the 870. today's 870 is not the 870 of years past.... the older models had machined receivers and many more machined parts.

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Well I went to my local gun shop to check out the selections and I ended up getting the Benelli Nova Combo. I just liked the feel a bit more than the Remington and I also liked the location of the action release better. Plus with the price of the combo I was able to get the cantilever fully rifled barrel for about $70 cheaper than it would have cost me to get the Nova and the barrel separately.


I get to pick it up tomorrow - just in time for an unual December warm up in Illinois. Into the 50s so hopefully I'll get it the range sooner rather than later.


Thank you to everyone for the advice. It was much appreciated!

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