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  1. mudhen

    Shot Show

    No word from our local rep on a 3.5" Vinci version. I've done several SHOT Shows. I hate them. Pass for now unless my badge can say Wal-Mart, Scheel's, Cab's, BPS, or someone they actually care about....
  2. Tis the time of the year when I like to start looking for live ducks to play with!
  3. They're still flying around! Well, these are not...
  4. Since I wouldn't shoot that stuff even for free, no, I have no first hand experience. I have read of many problems with it so far though, real hard on some guns....
  5. You have to be kidding, I dream about Tejas. Chocolate horned Hill Country bucks. Gobbling Rios in the spring. And don't get me started on the food. I could die happy eating at BBQ/Dairy joints in Jacksboro County. Texas is an outstanding state for sure! That said, we here in Cali just try to do the best with what we can gain access to. Waterfowl just happens to be one of those things we can do, so we do it!
  6. Interesting hunt! Looks like a refuge hunt! Nice
  7. Yes, my 1990 SBE had that happen in 2000. Fixed by Benelli in a few weeks. Check the mag cap, as a loose cap can contribute to the problem. The mag cap nubs on my 1990 SBE had almost worn smooth, and I was always having to tighten it. New cap hasn't moved in 10 years!
  8. Still hanging in there Eating specks so many different ways for X-Mas day!
  9. I'd call Stuart or Mike at IC and see what they recommend for your set up
  10. Sadly, only about 20-25 hunts left in the season, closes January 30th ):
  11. Blacktail mostly A Cali mutt probably! Blackies are usually light in the eye guard department. Most lack even the smallest eye guards.
  12. Nice work Tuck! I am done here in Cali, only have an archery hunt on the farms in NoDak left. Did get this dinker here though: mudhen
  13. Cali has been open since July I've got hunts booked until early January... mudhen
  14. When it comes to shooting hens, I tend to rely on the applicable regulations over the drivel of Internet Wizards Btw, I did get a rice can a few days after missing one: As for the Napa River and SP Bay, thanks for the reminder. Got a buddy with a key to the gate at the launch. See you on opening day and every day possible after that! With the rice being late, I think we'll see a lot of each other!!!
  15. I have not fired a shot in a factory choke in maybe 20 years
  16. As I suspected, you have the newer version of the ejector assembly. The part you ordered is the wrong part for this assembly. I have never fixed the newer version, I have just sent them back to Benelli. I've never seen an H&K SBE with this ejector assembly. I suspect that if your lower receiver says H&K, that barrel is a mix and match bought afterwards. I think Benelli CS will help you with this repair
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