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  1. He posted the wrong q-pon http://www.hevishot.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=95:2010-hevi-13r-rebate-&catid=16:rebates&Itemid=65 This one is good until 5-31-2010, but only $10 per household I need another ten households...... Straight 7's might be interesting....
  2. abcdefg hijk lemonyellowpee qrs tuv w x y z
  3. I'm fairly happy with this pattern at 35 yards with H-13 from a 12 gauge BPS, but I'm still trying to do better. It goes down to around 300+- at 40 yards, and delivers a killing pattern out well past 50 yards. I like long-barreled pumps for turkey guns, might consider a SN 28" with whatever IC recommends someday....
  4. Almost certain it was first introduced in the 1990 H&K catalog. I still have the catalog somewhere. It was marketed as the first 3.5" semi-auto, and it followed it's platform, the Black Eagle, in the catalog. So no, it was not based on the Pintail, which I think was a Benelli product made for Beretta. I ordered my first SBE in 1990, paid in full, and it arrived 10 months later, the first one shipped into the Sacramento area, according to our dealer. I still shoot that gun on occasion. H&K had the Benelli import contract, which it lost around 1998 when Beretta Holdings took over Benelli sales in the US and set up Benelli USA. I could certainly be wrong on the dates & details, but probably not by much
  5. Lead 5's, 6's in HD, smaller HD if legal. The new stuff from EM might be very interesting. I've got Magnum Blend on order, but may not be able to use it in some states 430 is not too bad with a 10 gauge BPS, but I've seen better!
  6. DEET will certainly ruin many film finishes. The guys at Tarjac tell me that dipping over worn film works fine. They tell me dipping over DuraTouch does not work well.
  7. Now I hear Rosie O'Donnell warming up
  8. How much do you want to spend? What is your range goal? 30 yards? 35? 40? With more info, I can try to give a decent reply
  9. I doubt they will care, Browning told me to pound sand over the DuraTouch/camo issue, and that was on a 2-3 month old Silver But, maybe Winchester will react differently....
  10. Yep, the refuges looked empty over the weekend. Like you said, they are out in the fields, and probably will be until Feb/Mar
  11. Obviously you have never hunted Cali rice in the fog
  12. Crazy wind and rain up in Richvale so far this week Shooting was good yesterday, but reports from today are that many birds bugged out for the toe water closer to Sacramento and the Grasslands. Many refuges are closed, more should close by this weekend. Delevan is likely closed for the season, as is LDC, Howard, etc. They expect Sutter & Yolo to be next. It takes at least a day for the rain the in foothills to make it's way down to the valley. I prefer the fog....
  13. With the Xtrema II being discontinued, no, I have no plans on trying it. I might consider it's replacement, the A400 though
  14. The bolt handle broke on the Silver after a few hunts. They sent me a new one saying it wouldn't happen again, it hasn't. The DuraTouch finish started peeling within hours, and the camo finish starting fading a few hunts later. Mechanically, it is sound so far, and I kill ducks with it. I think the issue with the Maxus is the use of lightweight parts. I'm just not sure that shaving metal off parts on a gun that is designed to shoot 3.5" shells is that great of an idea. Some ignorant people might confuse lightweight parts with cheap parts. Good parts are good parts, lightweight or not. Same for bad parts being bad parts.... In my case, it started to fail to cycle on occasion right away. Then recently, while cleaning, I noticed the spring in the gas piston was cracked in several places. I don't know when the spring broke, or if it is related to the failure to cycle, but Browning wanted the whole gun sent back for inspection and repair. I was crushing birds with the Maxus. If they can repair it and convince me to keep it, I'll keep shooting it. But I can't help but keep the Silver and/or SBE II nearby at all times.....
  15. "What happened to your Maxus son?" "Blown up sir!" The Maxus is dead - back to the Silver and SBE II - SBE II for smaller shot, Silver for larger steel shot I'll likely sell the Maxus when it gets back from the Browning Service Department, just can't trust a gun that can't last even part of one season, can't travel with it, can't loan it out, can't plan any hunts with it
  16. Been looking for this guy in the rice: Brought him home along with a few of his friends:
  17. Be very careful when calling snow geese, they might come in
  18. Limit is 600 per season here
  19. Nice photos Randy! It's still humming along here, but with all the storms, it's pretty much about getting soaked (which is not too bad at 53F), trying to find ducks other than sprig, and not shooting too many shovelers:
  20. Nice work! I missed a big bull in the rice last weekend. Saw 15+ today in the rice, but they were not working...
  21. Don't have one. Our birds are bombing in like it was opening day I might switch to a Mod from an IC, but that is a maybe...
  22. mudhen

    Hey Tucker

    Wow, what did they do to you For whatever reason, BC 3's have been working great for me this year
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