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  1. Chicken pot. Chicken pot. Chicken pot pie
  2. Do a close-up of the ejector plate - maybe take the gun apart for a close-up shot? Can't tell for sure, but it looks like the barrel has the new style of ejector plate I can tell with a better photo...
  3. Sounds like you got the wrong spring somehow. I've ordered that spring maybe 10-12 times from Brownells, and always got the correct spring. Can you post a photo of the new spring vs. the old spring, as well as the ejector plate and ejector plate cover from your H&K SBE?
  4. Good luck with that Maybe take this over to the Franky forum here? Sorry, but I have not heard much good about the I-12 since it came out...
  5. Pumps hit harder than gas or inertia guns. It's true because I said so
  6. But if buying the best is not the best choice, why make it? Why not make a choice that is actually better than the best choice? Can a god make a rock so heavy they can't lift it? What's love got to do, got to do with it? What's love but a second hand emotion? The slug barrel alone costs almost as much as complete new slug gun. Why not buy the new gun, keep the barrel, and sell the remaining parts off. Done right, the parts could generate enough income to buy another gun, and so on, and so on....
  7. Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicked pot piiiiiieeee
  8. So someone could shoot an inaccurate rifle accurately just because of their hand
  9. I agree with this. Just buy a new slug gun. The slug barrel is so expensive standing alone
  10. This place goes pretty tactical between shotgun hunting seasons Plus, it appears that the poor economy has made the Nova line more popular than in the past. The Vinci and the M2 are fine weapons. I've got several friends that love theirs.
  11. mudhen

    SBE II

    Interesting replies Based on buying Benellis since around 1990, I'd say the dealer's reply is pretty typical. Some models are stocked at a higher level than other models. I would be willing to bet that black Benellis are common, Max4 next, APG next, wood last. My local dealer and the Benelli rep tell me that APG is their slowest selling camo by far. It's supposed to be their 'turkey' gun, that's why they stock the APG only in 24" and 26". The Max4 is supposed to be their 'waterfowl' pattern, and that is why it's in 26" & 28". Personally, I don't like either of those patterns any
  12. Lots of good info at Archery Talk My current favorite is the Shuttle-T in 100 gr
  13. I've been using Wolff springs for 20+- years with no problems in all my Benellis
  14. Never said you used DEET. If you did, there would probably be much more film missing. Maybe film just sticks/wears better on a Nova? I will say that I've seen some 10 year old camo Novas that look great. Can't say the same for any 10 year year old camo SBE's I've seen. Good luck!
  15. Like I said in the first post, I thought you might have had a 50/50 chance with Benelli CS. I think the film damage is normal wear and tear, and that you may have damaged it yourself, albeit probably not intentionally. I ruined a brand new Luminox watch with DEET, and messed up a brand new SBE II pretty bad with DEET. I had total failure of Dura Touch and camo film on a Browning Silver, and they told me to pound sand. That was a $1200 gun. I guess the only option is to keep bugging CS or just live with it....
  16. Same bird from the Light's Out call photo above:
  17. I saw that post when it first came out. Very nice decoys! I sent him a PM about price, but does anyone know roughly how much they are? I do like my DSD decoys, but those look great too... Thanks!
  18. They have Internet access under bridges
  19. Good for you They way I figure it, I hunt 100+ days per year, so I may as well have the best equipment I can afford. Turkey hunting used to be simple for me, but it's not anymore. I started off with the factory full choke in my SBE and kilt quite a few toms with lead #4's. Then the passion to turkey hunt started to grow slowly. Now after 15+ years of this, I find myself in situations where some difficult shots present themselves, and I want the equipment necessary to make these difficult shots. If I only hunted locally, or shot just a few birds a year, I doubt I would do all that I
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